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Why buy local?


Support your local and shop small is most certainly something you have heard before. So why should you? Are the small biz owners just greedy with their bigger prices and slogans about happy dances? Let me share a little light on all that and what’s that about.


Have you ever thought about the fashion industry? What about the workers working in factories over seas in inhumane conditions for minimal wage? Just for the fact that you can buy a top for 2€. Not to mention the impact of that kind of industry has on the environment? If you haven’t, now is the time to do that.

There’s so much wrong going on the fashion industry and the world of consuming as a whole that I could go on for pages so I’ll tackle just a small portion today. Everyone on this globe should have rights, at least basic human rights while working. On worst case scenarios that are actually happening, the workers have zero rights. People work in dangerous environments, they work unthinkable amount of hours, they do not get sick days or weekends off, and for all that they get paid next to none. It’s horrible. But long story short, it could be a lot better if everyone paid attention on making conscious choices when buying clothes or basically anything.

If the customers demand more transparency from the clothes they wear, the industry will change. Not in a day but it’ll change. They will provide a proper working environment for the workers, sustainable methods for the globe and pay the workers what they deserve, but only if there is a demand for it.  A lot has already been changed but still there is butt loads of work to be done. And no one person can make the change, it has to come from the masses – so by making a conscious decision to demand better you will make a difference. United we are so much stronger.

So by shopping small and local, you are making a better choice. You are not only supporting someone to make their dreams come true but also making a more environmentally friendly decision and helping the industry to change for the better. The locally made pieces of clothing won’t need to travel across the globe to get to you, which makes them more environmentally friendly (eg. less pollution from the fares). Also, as we are in EU, the work conditions and restrictions are written down on laws and directives so if a garment was produced here, it is probably a better choice as it comes to the workers.



This is one huge issue the fashion industry as a whole has. The big brands produce clothes unbelievable cheaply – as said at least in suspicious conditions or with awful quality materials. They then sell those clothes unbelievable cheap to unknowing customers, that then think that it is quite normal to pay 10€ for a pair of pants. Which it is not. Some people seem to think that the reason why locally and small biz made items cost more, is that they are hand made. Well that is true but let me tell you a secret – all items of clothing are hand made. They are sewn by a machine, but there always is a person running the machine. Which is exactly the same way that I produce clothes.

So what’s the real reason they cost more? Well, as simple as it is; everyone gets paid fairly on those pieces. The fabrics and other materials cost a bit more by square meter when not buying factory amounts of bulk but the main difference is the fairness of it all. The wages are proper, the conditions are proper, the methods and materials are better. That is way you should pay more – you get better in return.



Finland turns 100 years today. Yeah, it’s been one hundred years since we declared independence and became our own country.Which is great and I really appreciate the work and fight went on to that conclusion but still – being a FInn doesn’t always make me proud.

In my opinion, we as a nation don’t consume wisely. There’s all kinds of big brands with poor quality clothes – who even market themselves with “Friday shirt” -concepts (the shirts come in so cheap and poorly made that you only wear them once and then throw out!), or with consumers burning their clothes on the adverts just so they can buy more now that there’s room in the closet. These kind of things make me furious and repulsive and I rarely even go to these brand stores as they are against all that I believe in this industry. And to be honest, I rarely even buy anything else from chain stores than underwear and stockings. Which is a bit easier for me than the regular dude, since I can sew my own clothes, but it’s important to do what you can!

The other things that make me not proud to be a Finn are more on the political front, so I’m not gonna get so into it now as this might not be the time and a place. So I’m just gonna say that I believe in a world where love always wins. I believe in a world where everyone has the same equal rights, no matter what gender, sexuality, religion or skin color they might be. I believe in a world where nazis are an awful thing in the past and extreme nationalists (self acclaimed) don’t beat up kids to death if they disagree. I believe in a world where trans rights are human rights. I believe in a world where disability is not a fault but a diversity. I believe in a world where I can make a difference. I believe.




Ps. All orders made today ship with these unique John the Finn -bear stickers. What a great excuse to make a conscious choice and shop small, ha? 😉