I strongly believe that I am here to make this world more colorful and bring more fun to the grey everyday.
Here you can read a little bit more on the core values that guide me and LumiWAU on this indie biz journey.

INDIVIDUALITY = Always do you ?
This is an important value as it guides me to be true to myself and do what I think is for the best. It is very easy to get sidetracked and think that I should be doing something other that I am doing, but shoulding is never good and second guessing never takes you anywhere and trying to be something you are not is completely exhausting. This applies to you to, just be true to yourself and BE YOU, that is what makes you special.

FUN & JOY = Have fun and make smiles ?
What could be more important? My aim is to make you smile when ever you use any of my products. I aim to make other people smile when they see my products out there in the world. I want to make products that could make you smile even for a bit when the whole world has gone to shit and it’s the worst week of your life. Keeping up a positive way of looking at life doesn’t need to be all sunshine and rainbows, but you can make the worst days better by focusing on something positive for a little. This value is there also to remind myself to keep having fun – if everything feels boring or not that exciting, I have taken a wrong turn somewhere on the way and need to make adjustments to make my way back to having fun.

COURAGE = Be brave and daring ❤️‍?
I want to be brave and dare to do things my way, even if someone might frown upon. I also want to give others courage to do so in their own lives. It is just that simple. This value also keeps me going and fighting with the weaker ones, who need support the most. I’m lucky to always have had a very supportive people around me and I want to be there for anyone who haven’t had that.

SUSTAINABILITY = Be good and do good ?
I want to live and work in a world were no one or no place is exploited, so that others can make a profit of them. I choose my materials and how and where my products are made with that in mind. My aim is to make a change, even if it is a small one.

These are the guiding principles that I always look up to when I have to make a decision for my business, which indeed happens each and every day. They also help me get back on track if I ever get sidetracked. I have them on a post it notes above my desk, so it is not possible to forget them as I see them every time I look up from my screen.