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Snail mail is king! (+free printables!)


I love snail mail. That’s not news to you, if you have followed me in any of the social medias for a while. I love getting and sending irl things through the mail, even though the post office screws everything up every now and then. I like my books real too – maybe it’s just a paper fetish? Who knows.

So to celebrate snail mail I’ve made few of free printable coloring cards you can print and make your own and then send or give to anyone deserving. I thought it would be fun too to share the masterpieces once you are done with them, so please take a pic, share on IG with a tag #lumiwau or DM it to me, and I’ll share the prettiest ones and maybe even reward the cutest ones!

You can download the coloring cards from the links below.


EXTRA BONUS: My friend Heather (IG @howtobefancy) had this awesome idea on her last video on how we can interact in a bit more personal way this upcoming holiday season – yes, with xmas cards! I thought this was a marvelous idea, so I’m gonna follow her example.

If you want to receive a snail mail xmas greetings from me, just head on over to IG (@lumiwau) and pop me a DM with your address! That’s it! Yay, let’s spread the love for snail mail and this amazing group of people we have met trough social media!

XO Lumi