Will work for Donuts – 5 panel cap – BABY BLUE

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I would work for donuts. And I’m guessing since you are, you would too. So this awesome ‘Will work for donuts’ -5 panel cap will fit into your life perfectly.

The ‘Donut’ print was originally designed for Summer 2015, but it’s been so popular ever since, that I’ve decided to keep it in the collection for longer than one season. Like who could say that donuts are seasonal? Yes no one, and they go with everything. Definitely a keeper and a must have.

The digitally printed donut fabric is eco canvas; heavyweight 100% polyester canvas made with 45% recycled content (out of recycled plastic bottles!). The print holds up it’s colors well on multiple washings. All the inks used on the printing are also eco friendly.

Vintage denim jeans repurposed, recycled leather and upcycled upholstery cotton are the other materials used. The brim inside is plastic, so it wont break on normal use.

Keep in mind that the colors and the exact print piece might vary a bit from the pictures. But don’t worry, they all are AWESOME.

One size, can be adjusted on the leather strap on the back from about 54cm to 58cm.

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