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YES. Unfortunately we live a weird and scary time right now, but let’s make the day a bit better & brighter with these colorful face masks. Who said staying safe should look boring?!

[su_expand more_text=”Materials” height=”0″ link_color=”#ffa0bc” link_style=”underlined” ]These masks are made with 2 layers of high quality cotton fabric with extra layer of fiber fabric in between. I’ve got all the rainbow of colors and plenty of various prints you can choose from – all 100% high quality cotton. I even got some my own patterns printed. I also have a small amount of some flowery and crazy patterned fabrics in stock! Please note, that the photos are just samples of the colors & fabrics, your mask might be a different shade or piece of the pattern.ย  [/su_expand]

[su_expand more_text=”Size” height=”0″ link_color=”#ffa0bc” link_style=”underlined”]Size: These are ‘adult sized’ masks. Pleads flat size approx 9cm x 21cm and pleads opened about 14cm x 21cm. You can choose between elastic ear loops (my personal favorite) and long fabric straps that will be tied back of your neck & head (or your ears). The elastic is 3-5mm wide, the straps 8-10mm wide. [/su_expand]

[su_expand more_text=”Care” height=”0″ link_color=”#ffa0bc” link_style=”underlined”]You can wash these masks in the machine at 90ยฐC with your linens or you can just boil a pot of water with some washing soap and let them boil for max 5 minutes. Let the mask dry thoroughly before using it again. Wash the mask(s) before your first use too. Note that over time colors might fade and the elastics might loose their elasticity if you keep boiling the masks. Washing them in a machine is less stress on them. [/su_expand]

At this time, WHO recommends that fabric/cloth face masks should be used in public as much as possible to prevent the spread.

[su_expand more_text=”How many masks do I need?” height=”0″ link_color=”#ffa0bc” link_style=”underlined”]Get one mask, if you go out to public very rarely – once a week. Get three masks, if you go out more often so you can have one to wear, one in the wash and one clean one when you need it. Get five to ten masks, if you need to go out in public daily.[/su_expand]

One mask 15โ‚ฌ // Three or more 12โ‚ฌ รก mask // Five or more 10โ‚ฌ รก mask
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Choose strings and then the color option from the drop down menu to see the different colors available. The color will show up on the product image.

30.4.2021 – More than 1700 masks made and send out during the pandemic. All masks are made to order but currently the make pile is very short so the delivery time depends more on the chosen shipping method than the production queue time.


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How to use a face mask:

  • put the mask on with clean hands using the strings – try not to touch the fabric part more than is needed
  • keep the mask clean, don’t touch it while you are wearing it
  • you cannot eat or drink while wearing the mask
  • never pull your mask to your neck or chin to eat, drink or speak
  • remove the mask by only touching the loops or strings and wash it immediately after use
  • if you can’t wash it immediately, put it in a plastic bag until you can
  • the masks should be washed after each use
  • dry thoroughly before next use

Please note that:

  • these masks are in no means equivalent to medical masks
  • there is no guarantee that these face mask will prevent any diseases, including Covid-19
  • these masks can reduce exposure to dust, pollen or pet dander
  • using a face mask might prevent symptom free patients from spreading diseases, including Covid-19
  • in a worst case scenario, a cloth face mask can make you sick, so be sure to use it accordingly
  • remember to be cautious, even when using a face mask – only go in public for necessities, keep your distance & constantly wash your hands
  • if you are quarantined, you should never leave your home, with or without a mask

If you are looking for a mask with adjusted size, thinner material or want to place a bulk order for your company, please send me an email at mail(a)

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Dimensions 1.5 cm

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