RAINBOW EVERYTHING -vinyl sticker sheet

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You asked for it and I delivered – a sticker sheet full of all LumiWAU rainbow awesomeness!

Each sheet is 11cm x 16,5cm and holds 6 different stickers;  FCK AVG -rainbow (6,5cm x 4cm), Just me -heart (3cm x 3cm), Equal love -heart (3,5cm x 3cm), More-unicorn (6,5cm x 5cm), Pure Magic -rainbow (4,8cm x 3,2cm) and Too Glam -queen unicorn (4cm x 5cm). These stickers are very durable thick vinyl, all water resistant and weatherproof. Perfect for brightening any hard surface you have!

Please note that these are not decal stickers with resticking ability – they stick for good.

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