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I’ve had the idea to create a reflective tote bags for a few years now. I’ve been researching reflective materials and inks like crazy but could not find suiting the materials or if I could, they would be impossibly expensive for the simple tote I had in mind. Until now!

These tote bags are made with a highly reflective flex film and it works like a charm! It gets so dark in here during the winter months, that everyone should be wearing a reflector when going outside! It’s a very cheap life insurance like we say in my family and this tote bag is a bag too! So two jobs and what a fancy outlook!

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Each cotton tote is approx 36cm x 42cm. Long handles 65cm.

These totes can be washed in the machine, but the print might wrinkle. Then you need to iron it with a very low temperature from the back side of the tote. Best to use a cloth or a towel in between too.

Designed and printed in LumiWAU HQ. The tote blanks are sourced from UK and the reflective films come from Italy.  These reflective films are designed for high visibility in low light situations, but are not reflectors in EU standards perspective. The films are made out of thin polyester with micro glass beads and they are REACH compliant and have a OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100.

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