Gold Lust – 5 panel cap BLACK, seconds

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NOTE: This is a seconds sale item.

Items in the seconds sale are sold at a reduced price as they have imperfections – either some small marks or imperfect prints or odd shapes. If you’re after a bargain and don’t mind such imperfections then the seconds could be just the right item for you. Seconds sale items are available for a limited time only and there is very limited stock available. Please note, we are unable to process refunds for items purchased from the seconds sale.


This cute cap is made out of black vintage denim. The front panel is golden pleather with a perfect matte shimmer.

Recycled leather and upcycled upholstery cotton are the other materials used. The brim inside is plastic, so it wont break on normal use.

Keep in mind that the color might vary a bit from the picture.

One size, can be adjusted on the leather strap on the back from about 54cm to 60cm.

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