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The nights are getting dark, so it’s the cheapest way to safe your life to have a proper reflector to help you get seen on the dark nights! I’ve had this idea for awhile now, but as Halloween is my second favorite Holiday, now seemed like the right time to make it happen!

100 % upcycled cotton high quality weave. Hand dyed and sewn in the HQ.
The ghosts are super reflective and sewn in and then embellished by hand with screen printing inks.

I highly recommend that you wash these bags by hand, or use a super gentle cycle on the machine, the ones you usually wash your delicates with. Remember to turn the tote inside out, so there’s less stress on the print & reflector while washing.

Approx 42cm x 40 cm, so your library books // change of clothes // wine // gym gear // groceries // knit project // sixpack or anything else you might want to carry with you will fit perfectly. Handles are on the longer side, approx 70cm each, so you can carry the tote easily on your shoulder.

All in all a magical, feeling good kind of item. Will make your life awesome and is a perfect gift for anyone dear.

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