Donut Kill My Vibe – earrings

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Donuts AND skulls? What could be more better?!

Each skull shaped donut is approx 2cm x 2cm. The studs are on the top of the skull, so they’ll sit well to your earlobe. Very light weight.

Allergy free, silver plated stud earrings.
The diamond is 1-2mm thick plastic, so it’ll last forever.
The pair comes in a cute light pink jewellery box.

Original artwork drawn by hand and finished with computer.
Varnished for extra long life and covered in extra thick layer of glitter resin.

NOTE; please don’t spray any kind of hair products directly to the surface of the earrings, as the adhesives in those might affect the shininess of the earrings.

Glued together with super sticky mega glue, so it won’t break easily on normal use.

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