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Patterns and gifts and patterned gifts (incl. free downloads!)


Xmas is all about giving so today, you’ll receive the first gift of the month – free jolly wallpapers!


I love giving gifts. To me, it’s even better than getting them. When I have the time, I can put weeks of thought into someone’s gift and how to make it perfect. And did I mention that I also like to make at least half of the gift myself? Or to be even more honest, I usually only buy like one third of any gift!  Yes I know I know, it’s nuts! All that time and effort, but for me it’s totally worth it.


I also love patterns. They are somehow bold and soothing at the same time. Working on them is almost as nuts as the gift perfecting game I like to play – all the time and effort and hair pulling madness on perfecting a pattern by moving the motifs back and forth millimeter by millimeter, definitely not an art form for the impatient. But when the pattern is done and spot on, the possibilities are endless what to do with it. It can become anything and that’s what makes it worth all that work.


As my first gift this December you’ll get two awesome patterned wallpapers for your gadgets. (And don’t worry, there’s more gifts on the way!)

I’ve reworked the ‘Donut Kill My Vibe’ -pattern in to two different christmassy color ways; Grinch In Me -green and Donut Kill My Spirit -red. They also come in two sizes – one for most mobiles and one for tablets. I hope you can get into the holiday spirit with them!

You can download them for free from the links below.

So are you green as a Grinch or a red as jelly belly? Leave a comment and let me know!