With LumiWAU, everything is possible. You dream of it and I make it come true. I’ve done everything from custom jewellery to hoodies, knits and even wedding dresses. So if you want something more unique and just for you, mail me and all will sort out!


Once there was a time, when I studied too. And worked hard at student association with all the student politics and well, there we’re some heavy partying going on. I have a long history of designing overall badges and even some kick ass overalls so feel free to contact me on such occasions as well.


LumiWAU is always looking for retailers. If you’re interested, I’ll be more than glad to send you  current product portfolio.


Looking for some new perspective on your brand? Want to stand out from the crowd? I can help you with that.

I can design and manufacture logos, business cards, greeting cards, fabric, company gifts.. Actually anything, so feel free to contact us on any occasion. Let’s make your company more than average!