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LumiWAU – the story so far



LumiWAU is a fun, colorful and creative Finnish design brand, founded in 2013. So today, my little biz is already more than 4 years old. A lot has happened in the 4 years and I’ve come a long way to become the small biz owner and entrepreneur that I am today, and the same goes for LumiWAU. So let’s do a little recap on how it all started and what the journey has been like.


I graduated June 2013 as a designer with Bachelor of Culture and Arts in textile design. A long before that I had known that I’d become an entrepreneur. Both of my parents are entrepreneurs and I wanted all the pros and cons of being your own boss. I didn’t want to go and work for someone else, since my visions of what I wanted to be doing where so strong that it would have been a struggle to make someone else’s visions come true and then let them take the credit. Mom and dad were very supportive, dad even lend me the money to register my company. Or maybe I should say he invested it – I do plan to pay him back one day!

So during the summer after graduation I was getting all my ducks in a row by making fool proof business plans for countless hours. It was worth the hours though, the proper business plan (like 30 pages!) has helped me to make my visions come true to this day. On August 2013 it was made official – I had my own company and was a full time entrepreneur. (Woohoo!)

The start felt easy, I was now on my way to make my dreams come true. I got asked like once I day, how did I get the courage to become my own boss but I didn’t see it that way – I was only doing what I wanted to do in life so why not? I didn’t think it needed any kind of courage, but maybe my upbringing made me so confident & fearless person that it is hard to see why others would fear such a career choice. As weeks turned into months and things didn’t grow as fast as new entrepreneur wishes, I must admit, it has not always been easy but still, I would never quit my daydream.



One might ask why did I take the hard route and unlike most of upcoming Finnish designers did I choose the colorful route rather than the safe and sound black and white approach. Well, the reason is simple – I like colors. I like things bold and outstanding. I like not trying to be anyone else or loosing yourself while trying to blend in.

I’ve always been true to myself, even during the awkward teen years (when fitting in is everything), which obviously led to some bullying. But when I look at it now – it made me stronger and the confident girl I am today. So I know, it’s not always easy being true to yourself but I’d like to see a world where everyone could just be as they are and no one would really make a big deal of the differences.

With LumiWAU I want to make things that make people happy and the world a bit more colorful. To me, being your true self makes me the happiest, so that’s what I keep promoting everywhere I go. I think, the basic people, the average people, the mass mind sheep are quite boring and foolish for not daring to be who they want. These days I get commented like almost daily “I wish I had your confidence to wear something as colorful” which makes my mind boggle – like if you want to, just do it, don’t care about what other people think if it dulls you down. Always dare to be more!


The last few years have been amazing. Not gonna lie, it’s not always easy and dreamy being an entrepreneur, but that really qualifies for most jobs. Everyone had bad days or weeks. But I just love the feeling of being free to do what I love makes all the struggles (not getting paid enough, long hours, rude customers, awful turnarounds just to name a few) totally worth it.

These years that I’ve been an entrepreneur, I have grown and at the same time the brand and biz has refined and grown to what it is today. Hopefully, I get to keep on going on this path and one day, LumiWAU will be known world wide.

I’ve been part of amazing collaborations, pop up shops and events and while doing so, I’ve met some amazing people. Most of all I’m grateful for all the people who have stuck by me from the beginning – friends, family and obviously the customers who come back from time and time again. So let me just say THANK YOU. Let’s make the years to come even more awesome, right?!

So that’s it in a biiig nutshell. Was there something else you wanted to know? Did you like the story so far? Let me know in the comments below! <3

X O Lumi

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  1. Your story warms my heart! I love hearing stories about people going for their dreams!
    Ann xo

    1. Oh thank you Ann! 🙂

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