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Here I’ve collected some of my favorite DIYs and tips to make your Halloween extra fancy and scary! Enjoy!


This is my absolute favorite make of all the Halloween decorations I’ve done in the last years. And it takes what ever you have available and just like few minutes to make!

All you need is some glass jars and bottles – and what goes inside is ANYTHING you have available. I usually use a lot of food dyes with things like cooked spaghetti or uncooked rice. Dish soap is gives a lovely gooey green effect and if you combine it with vinegar, it makes all kinds of weird and awful textures. I’ve also used some black peppers, some ping pong balls, some toy crawlers and worms, glitter, baking powder, spices, ketchup… just basically anything I have in the cupboards! Basically I just mix things and see how they look until I’m happy with the result.

You can find plenty of printable spooky labels on Pinterest and Etsy, but you can very easily make your own too. Or just go bare – the best effect is anyway in what’s inside the jars and bottles!


If you didn’t already know, I love playing with some fake blood. I’ve done basically everything with it so when I thought of this last year, it was a no brainer and a big ‘why haven’t I done this before’ moment for me! All you need is some theater blood (if you don’t fancy buying some, just Google fake blood diy) and your kitchen sink. My theater blood is water soluble, and it’s mostly made out of corn syrup and dye, so I felt ok to drip the blood all over my kitchen sink. I wouldn’t drip it on my bathroom sink, as it is white porcelain, and would probably stain for life but a kitchen sink can handle all kind of cleaning equipment and harsh scrubbing. So in the kitchen sink it went! And while we were partying, people kept using the sink to get water and stuff but it made the effect even better as the night went on.

Gross soap is the cousin of gross jars – I just use any toy crawlers I have available, this year this little frog, place it in my hand soap dispenser and top it off with the liquid soap I usually use. Luckily we had green apple soap in use anyway so it went quite well with the frog. But I’ve done this with white, less see trough soaps too, and it gives it the spooky effect as you won’t notice the crawlers right away.


These are very easy and scary diy’s I’ve spotted from all over Pinterest. The tape ghosts take a whole lot of tape and effort, the garbage bag bodies a bit less.

The tape ghosts are made from clear packing tape and some cling wrap. First you wrap your own body parts or like I did, the other halfs in cling wrap, then you just start running the tape all around. Be sure not to wrap it too tight, as then you are in trouble when it comes to time to cut yourself or your partner out of the tape. I did 4 or more layers of tape before cutting Joni free. For the head we used a mannequin head – I don’t think it would be safe to wrap yourself or someone else in packing tape and cling wrap. So do not do it, it will have deadly consequences. After you have cut the tape anything off, just use some more packing tape to fix the seam you just cut open. Place the tape ghost somewhere up, so you’ll add to the illusion of them floating.

The garbage bag body is super simple. We used some clothes and carpets to build up the shape of a human body – this even added to the illusion as the body was kinda heavy. Then we just wrapped black garbage bag around the body shaped we had build and used duct tape to secure it all in place. One year we hid a body like this behind the shower curtain in the bathroom and you can guess that we caused a lot of screams that year. Super easy to make and a bif affect on the atmosphere! Highly recommended to test!


This is a new one for me – but I saw it all over Pinterest so I had to try it out. It was super simple to make these and it only took few minutes!

So, you will need white candles and one red one. No matter what size or shape on the result candles, but a long red makes it easier to drip the ‘blood’ how you like. Remember to cover the area you are dripping the candles – the candle wax will definitely drip all over your desk if you don’t! After covering the working area, just light up the red candle and keep dripping it on top of the white ones until you are happy with the drips. And you are done!

These blood drips will obviously melt as the candle melts when you burn it but it’ll make the effect last through out the evening.


We have few Halloween themed family treasures that we’ve had since I was little and every year I go home and borrow these from my mom to make that extra spooky feel to our home. We, me and my sisters have cut these bat shapes out of black cardboard when we were little and till this day I put them up, every year. Mom has bought that pumpkin lamp, the few skulls and the toy crawlers too from somewhere and I always use them as table decorations where ever I see them fitting. So ready made decorations are very useful – just don’t buy stuff to be thrown out the day after Halloween. Choose wisely what to get and cherish them year after year.


I always go for the ‘abandoned house’ look we all know from American tv series. This has two purposes – our home looks spooky AND I can feel at ease as I know our furniture isn’t getting blood and guts all over them while we celebrate. I also switch up our curtains and tablecloths to old laced ones to make it feel more spooky and old. If you don’t have any of these types of textiles at home, you can find some for very cheap at a local flea market or recycling center. And if you get them one year, they will store in quite small space to be kept to use years after.


I love playing with food. I like making it look gross and most of these effects I’ve accomplished with some drops of food dye. Pinterest and Google are full of Halloween themed recipes so I’m not going to share any here, but just some pictures to make your imagination wonder how you can make your next Halloween dish a bit scarier and on theme.

I hope these tips and diys will help your Halloween run smoothly, and if you get inspired to do something, send me a pic! Ok, I still need to finish up the whole house for this year so have a great Halloween!

Ps. If you are still looking for some costume inspo see my blog post about my past looks here.