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The girl behind the brand


Let me introduce myself a bit. I’m Lumi, almost 30-year-old designer from Finland. I live in Vantaa, close by our biggest airport or a 20 min train ride from Helsinki, the Finnish capital city. I live in my grandma’s old apartment with my tiny fam, which includes my cute and fluffy mini dog Milli and my boyfriend or bae or significant other or what evs you might want to call it. Milli is certainly our little fur baby, a spoiled rotten little puppy.

As a person I’m definitely more loud than silent, joyful, colorful and even if saying it myself, strong above all. I’m more of an extrovert, but sometimes I do get shy. It’s not a problem for me to be talking in front of hundreds of people, but I do get uncomfortable when I’m in a room full of strangers and I need to make new friends.

I make lousy jokes and laugh out loud to funny animals, I love good food, r well food in general and my drink of choice is always bubbly.

Style wise I’m pretty much what I design, colorful prints and cheerful color combinations. I have more than enough girly dresses and skirts, I rarely ever wear an actual pair of pants. I love to accessorize, more is always better than less. Maybe that’s why I own like a hundred purses and a million pair of earrings. Even though I own A LOT of clothes and accessories, I rarely buy things these days. And when I do shop, I pick the small companies over big ones and I choose quality over quantity every time.

I’ve dyed my hair since I was 13 and most of the years, it’s been bright and unnatural hues. I don’t feel like myself in natural hues, they suit some but definitely not me. I love a good unicorn or rainbow hair and it’s just hair, I don’t mind trying new things with it.

Currently I’m obsessed about rainbows, glitter and cream soda. And I want to get to know YOU better, so leave a little comment below of your current obsessions, what you’d like to know about me and my biz or just general hello.

Have an awesome day!
XO Lumi