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Gift Ideas for Unicorn Lovers


Everyone needs a little bit of magic in their life, that’s for sure. So to make your life a little easier, I’ve collected some perfect gift ideas from the shop for all the unicorn lovers in your life. I’ve got ideas from small gifts for friends or coworkers, cute accessories for the everyday unicorns and all the way to the ultimate unicorn fan set – there’s a gift for all your unicorn needs!

All of these gifts are made locally here in Finland using only eco friendly methods. I’ll tell more on production on each gift idea separately. Also by shopping small you are helping me make my dream come true (also helping me pay for stuff like food) and I promise to make a small happy dance every time a order comes in!


Look no further since I have the perfect and the cutest ever small gifts for you! There are plenty of glittery unicorn brooch pins and earrings just waiting to be gift wrapped. They are made out of plastic and they are covered in thick glittery epoxy, since there’s never too much glitter. All the metal parts are silver plated and allergenic fee. They come in a cute gift box or attached to these rad cards shown in the pics.

There’s also a lot of unicorny paper goods like cards and sticker sets, which will be awesome for just reminding your friends how great they are. All stickers are vinyl coated paper and they are hand cut and printed in house. The cards I get printed in Netherlands and they are good guality paper stock.


Looking for something bigger than a brooch but still in a budget? Totes or drawstring bags are super popular and a great gift idea, since they are so useful! They are also very green choice, as they save plastic and are made out of upcycled cotton and linen. These bags are dyed, sewn and printed in house. All bags are a bit unique too, since the inks get mixed directly on the screen, but that’s the way life goes – everyone is unique!

Too many totes already? Then you might like the purple Magic unicorn -cap or the small Cutie -cross body purse with the magical unicorn print. The unicorn printed fabric is eco polyester, in which 45% of the fibres come from upcycled plastic bottles (like how cool is that?!) The purse can fit a phone, lipstick, card pouch and lipstick perfectly, so it’s perfect for unicorning the nights away. The Magic Unicorns -cap is made out of eco polyester cutting scraps and upcycled denim – super awesome and sooo good.


These are the perfect gifts for the ultimate unicorn lovers! First The Unicorn -bomber, which is super cute and sooo comfy. It comes in 4 sizes and it’s made out of the softest cotton jersey knit you’ll ever meet. Design, cutting, printing and sewing is done in house – so it’s totally locally made. Suits all ages and genders, works as a jacket or a jumper.

The Unicorn Lover XL -gift set is the easiest way for you to get a gift. I’ve bundled up a tote, brooch, earrings and even some stickers to make a fan boy or -girl very happy. The totes are made out of high quality upcycled cotton, which is dyed and printed here in the HQ. I mix the inks on the screen, so each of the unicorn comes out a little different and unique! The brooches and earrings are made out of plastic and covered in glittery epoxy resin. All the jewellery parts are silver plated and they are allergenic free. The stickers are hand cut and printed in the HQ and they are cute, durable and extra nice.

The Unicorny -statement bling ring is like the icing on the cake – it tops it all of! It has glitter and unicorns and it’s soooo nice that no true unicorn lover can’t say no to this. I make the rings from start to finish myself and they are made with casting glittery epoxy resin in a round mold. The ring is adjustable and silver plated. SUPER CUTE I tell you!



So that’s all my gift ideas for the unicorn lovers but if you are still indecisive on what to get, you can always get a gift card and let the person decide them self what to get. I hope all these ideas made your Xmas shopping a little easier! Leave a comment if you liked the ideas! Or not, I like a good feedback!

XO Lumi