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Dare to be more TODAY


Do you ever feel like you could use a little pep talk or a little push to feel a bit better about yourself? I certainly do! And when I mostly work alone at my studio, it somehow makes a huge difference when someone, actually living person, says something nice. That’s the feeling I was trying to capture, when I came up with the colorful gang of brooches and earrings I have in the shop.

The first unicorn I drew became the More-unicorn, the one with the most powerful message of them all. “Dare to be more” is a pep talk from me to you – I want everyone to feel like they can outdo themselves and be even better than they were yesterday. With this small message I try to push you to take the next step, step outside the box and be as awesome as a unicorn. To me it’s also not trying to tone yourself down and blend in – it’s totally more worth your time to stand out proudly than fade away in the boring masses.

Later came the Queen of everything and Donut Worry -unicorns. And these messages are as meaningful and important as the first one. It’s super important to take some time off to take care of your mental state and chill like the Donut Worry -one. ANd like the queen says – you are not taking any bs from anyone not worth it.

These days the brooch collection has grown to be quite large, so there definitely is a brooch for everyone, and that means these babies make a perfect gift. They also come in super sparkly and made with maximum love (yeah I hand made them in the HQ!)

See the links below, to shop some unique and motivating gifts for your loved ones.


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I also have the cutest earrings, that’ll make you feel awesome every morning and help you kick the day in the ass. Just saying!

All are made by hand with extra love by me in the studio in HQ. All jewellery is nickel and allergenic free. They’d make a perfect gift too!

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What would you like me to make next? Is there a quote you’d think would feel right at home with these babies? Let me know in the comments below!

XO Lumi