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Baby it’s cold outside & chilly sale!


Everyone knows that one person who is always cold, when you are wearing a t-shirt they already have like 3 sweaters on. Yes, now you know, that person! I myself am a t-shirt kinda girl, but during winter months I love to wear beanies, big and colorful scarfs (the bigger the better!) or just wrap myself in a pretty comfy cardigan. If you are the always chilly one or are anything like me, this weekend’s sale is so for you!

Did you know that all LumiWAU goods are made here in the HQ? And to be exact – all knitted winter goods are made BY HAND with extra love and care. All of them are made and designed so, that they will be with you for years and will hardly show any signs of wear and def not tear. All knits are also washing machine safe, but please use a light cycle and dry them flat with extra care.

So why do I use such a slooooow method of producing these pieces? To be honest, knitting is my therapy. And I’ve been doing it like since I was 9 or ten, so I’m pretty good at it and one beanie will get made while watching a movie. I love to be hands on and while my little biz grows, I’ll hire some fellow knitters to fill up the stock. Handmade just is better!

The mittens, this winter’s newbies are very eco friendly, as all of their materials are surplus from other products made here in the HQ. That’s also why the coloring might be slightly different from pair to pair but they are all cute and unique, just like you and me.

So what are you waiting for? Take this opportunity and shop all these quilt free, super warm and cute pieces with 20% discount until midnight this Sunday. No codes needed, the discounts are already added on!

You can start shopping on wintery goods below.
(Remember the xmas shipping deadlines for gifts, check them here.)

X O Lumi