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As some of you already know, Finnish Postal Service workers are going on a big and long strike on Monday 11th. The strike will go on until 24th, unless they can agree and end the strike earlier.

So, this strike will affect letters the most and the letters will probably just stand still the whole time the strike is on. Parcels are less affected as they are sorted mostly by machines, but there will be delays too, just not that much as with the letters. Products that ship from the Latvian factory with the cheapest shipping method also use Finnish postal service, so those shipments will be affected too. 

I usually use the postal service to ship my letters and parcels, as it is the most convenient and the most cost effective way to me to ship things at this current shipping volume.

To make things a bit run a bit more smoothly, I’ve been researching last two days and I’m happy to introduce plenty of other shipping methods that will proceed as usual while the postal service is at strike. And if these shipping methods are liked by all of you, I will keep them all even after the strike is gone. Find out more about the new carriers and methods here.

Unfortunately these companies can only ship within Finnish borders, so I am still on a look out for reasonably priced carrier that I could ship my letter sized things with. Until such carrier is found, or the strike ends, everything will take at least two weeks to be delivered. Gift shopping? No need to worry, everything should be delivered before Christmas.

It’s not all bad news though. All orders placed before FRIDAY 3pm will ship out tomorrow and hopefully not be affected by the strike at all. I am also going to add a surprise to every order until then. Wait, there’s more – I am offering free shipping on all orders* 35€+ around the globe until the strike ends with the code RAINBOWS . Yes. So if you want to get the most of this offer, place your order now! (*the free shipping is only for items shipping from LumiWAU HQ)

Please be patient, if I could I would hand deliver everything to your doorstep. But I am needed to actually finish up the Christmas collection and to make the rainbows here at the studio, so we’ll just have to see what the next week brings.

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Inspiration Day – July

As I am trying to find the fun in life again, I’ve decided to take a inspiration day at least once a month. I aim to get that to a half day off every other week, so I could just focus on getting inspired and actually get out of my studio – most of the days I just sit here and only time I go out and might see a actual living human being is when I take Milli for walkies. Or well obviously I see Joni when he leaves in the morning and after his work but you know what I mean. As most of you know, my studio is just a room here in my home, so actually I don’t even commute or eat lunch anywhere else. Or sometimes I do, but that’s once a month tops.


So, I had a half day off and went on see Shoplifter’s colorful and fuzzy exhibition in Kiasma. I had planned to go since it opened early this year but somehow I just made excuses not to go. But I’m glad that I actually took the time and went as it was all I had hoped – super colorful and oh soft and most of all, super quirky! Obviously it was also very photogenic and there even were spots to designed so that you could nail that perfect selfie. I still feel a bit akward when taking selfies out in the world so I definitely stepped out of my comfort zone while taking these shots – even if there was just handful of people in the exhibition as I was there.

It was just a one floor or exhibition hall in Kiasma, but I spent like more than an hour there. Just walked around and around and let the colorful fuzz do it’s magic. I went to see the other exhibitions in Kiasma too, but the Shoplifter one was absolutely my favorite. Colors just give me so much joy and I feel so connected to artists and creatives that do things like this, it’s like we speak the same language of crazy.

I felt super refreshed actually taking some time away from my studio and it felt nice to just go by myself, to do just what I wanted to do and take my time with it. Taking this time off from the regular everyday work life, my imagination truly woke up and a lot of things that I had been pondering and procrastinating felt easier to accomplish and I crossed a whole lot of things of my  endless TO DO list later that week; some because they didn’t feel important anymore and some because the problems I had finishing them had somehow vanished.

I definitely will keep this up as I felt the affect of it immediately – taking some ‘me time’ was definitely worth the half a day not working. Don’t they say that your own creative mind is your biggest asset? So it’s super important to take care of yourself too. That’s definitely something I need to work on, as I feel instantly bad when I take some time off when ‘I could be working’. It will take it’s time but I just keep focusing on pushing those thoughts back and not listen to them, when I’m somewhere enjoying my life.

This inspiration day gave me so much, that I bet it would benefit you too. It doesn’t necessary need to be a museum or art exhibition – just take some time for yourself and do something you enjoy. It can also be an hour or during the weekend, start small and work your way to a bigger time slot.  A little me time gives your brain a much needed reboot and in a long run more room for fun from all the worries. It takes time to actually get rid of that little voice inside your head that keeps pushing you down ‘for not working hard enough’ and believe me, I am still right there with you. But I believe that we deserve to have the fun too, and it’s harder to worry when you are truly enjoying yourself!