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DREAM FOOD CLUB – Unicorn Fudge


So as some of you might know I love everything rainbow and unicorny. What most of you don’t know is that I love to cook and bake – it’s the perfect unwinding for me. I do the cooking basically everyday for us, but baking takes more time and effort so I don’t have the time to do it us much as I would want to. And maybe that is good, or otherwise we should be rolling to places instead of walking there 😀 Continue reading DREAM FOOD CLUB – Unicorn Fudge

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The girl behind the brand


Let me introduce myself a bit. I’m Lumi, almost 30-year-old designer from Finland. I live in Vantaa, close by our biggest airport or a 20 min train ride from Helsinki, the Finnish capital city. I live in my grandma’s old apartment with my tiny fam, which includes my cute and fluffy mini dog Milli and my boyfriend or bae or significant other or what evs you might want to call it. Milli is certainly our little fur baby, a spoiled rotten little puppy.

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