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12 days of Christmas – DAY 6 : LumiWAU

Happy Independence Day everyone! Today we are celebrating Finland and all things Finnish, so here is my own little introduction! So if you are here, I guess you already know that I’m Lumi, the designer, magic maker and girl boss behind LumiWAU. My studio is at our home in Vantaa, and our home is actually my grandma’s old home of 50 years.

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12 days of Christmas – DAY 5 : WorksBeautifully

Today I have a very rainbowy designer for you – meet Kirsty from WorksBeautifully! She is an illustrator and designer from the South West of England. Her online shop is full of super colourful and unique products, including pins, phone cases, bags, clothing, homeware and prints! She even carves out some time to do portrait commissions as she just loves illustrating people. I really love her style, and I truly adore how open she is about the hard sides of life too! She even has the crazy hair like I do, so I guess we were soul sisters from the start!

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12 days of Christmas – DAY 3: SASS AND KITSCH

Today I want to introduce you to Beth, who is (by her words) an overthinking Virgo on a personal mission to live an engaged life full of meaning and gratitude. By day she is a Service Manager for a substance misuse service. When she’s not there, she is living out her core values of Courage, Kindness, and Authenticity through her statement jewellery, homeware and illustration business – Sass and Kitsch. The rest of her time is spent with a four year old and she even has another kid on the way, so if you ask me, she is some kind of a super woman balancing all that in her daily life!

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12 days of Christmas – DAY 2: CHIMPS TEA PARTY

As some of you know, I’ve been doing some sort of Advent Calendar each year I’ve been in business – that means this is the sixth year I’m doing this. I thought it was a time to shake things up a bit so I’ve invited some of my favorite rainbow makers and designers to answer few questions so you can get to know them too! I believe you will find plenty of new favorites and maybe even some great gift ideas too.

Today I’m going to introduce you to lovely Pippa, the first one of the designers I have lined up. She runs Chimps Tea Party, which is a shop full of colourful homewares, cards and gifts featuring her stunning collage illustrations. And let me tell you, those are bloody magnificent with the funny animals and fantastic florals! I absolutely adore her style and designs and she genuinely just makes me smile!

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12 days of Christmas – DAY 1 : Rainbow GIFT GUIDE

It’s December so it can only mean one thing – the Christmas countdown has started! I thought I’m going to shake things up a bit this year so I have invited 9 colorful designers to join me and oh the fantastic stuff I have planned for the next 12 days! Yes you read that right, it’s only going to be 12 days this year, but they are going to be so awesome that you will not be missing the rest of the days before Christmas. Let’s start off with a juicy one – here is the magnificent rainbow gift guide!

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Here you can see the shipping deadlines for this Xmas. Place your order by the end of those dates and I promise to get your order delivered before 24th December.

Please note the part of the collection that is produced for us in Latvia – will have a different shipping deadlines and if you place your order with items made in there after those dates, there is no guarantee to get your order in time.

Have these shipping dates past and you are still in a need of a little magic? Place your order by the end of 17th and you can still come and pick your order up from my studio during the last weekend before the big day!

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As some of you already know, Finnish Postal Service workers are going on a big and long strike on Monday 11th. The strike will go on until 24th, unless they can agree and end the strike earlier.

So, this strike will affect letters the most and the letters will probably just stand still the whole time the strike is on. Parcels are less affected as they are sorted mostly by machines, but there will be delays too, just not that much as with the letters. Products that ship from the Latvian factory with the cheapest shipping method also use Finnish postal service, so those shipments will be affected too. 

I usually use the postal service to ship my letters and parcels, as it is the most convenient and the most cost effective way to me to ship things at this current shipping volume.

To make things a bit run a bit more smoothly, I’ve been researching last two days and I’m happy to introduce plenty of other shipping methods that will proceed as usual while the postal service is at strike. And if these shipping methods are liked by all of you, I will keep them all even after the strike is gone. Find out more about the new carriers and methods here.

Unfortunately these companies can only ship within Finnish borders, so I am still on a look out for reasonably priced carrier that I could ship my letter sized things with. Until such carrier is found, or the strike ends, everything will take at least two weeks to be delivered. Gift shopping? No need to worry, everything should be delivered before Christmas.

It’s not all bad news though. All orders placed before FRIDAY 3pm will ship out tomorrow and hopefully not be affected by the strike at all. I am also going to add a surprise to every order until then. Wait, there’s more – I am offering free shipping on all orders* 35€+ around the globe until the strike ends with the code RAINBOWS . Yes. So if you want to get the most of this offer, place your order now! (*the free shipping is only for items shipping from LumiWAU HQ)

Please be patient, if I could I would hand deliver everything to your doorstep. But I am needed to actually finish up the Christmas collection and to make the rainbows here at the studio, so we’ll just have to see what the next week brings.

Until then,