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  • 12 Days of Christmas – DAY 12 : Last minute GIFT GUIDE
    I know that we still have 12 days until the big day but the shipping takes it’s own time BUT I will always recommend to shop your gifts online – no queuing, no hassle and at the best case your gifts will be delivered to your door. Tomorrow is the last day to ship things between European borders (with me and my fellow colorful indie designers) so here is a little LAST MINUTE gift guide to make your rainbow gift shopping easy today!
  • 12 Days of Christmas – DAY 11 : DIY GIFTS
    For the past 10 days I’ve been sharing and celebrating some of my own favorite indie designers – I hope you’ve found them interesting! But as you all know, I also love everything hand made so here’s a little recap of last years Christmas Countdown DIY’s !
  • 12 days of Christmas – DAY 10 : GIVEAWAY
    TODAY IS THE DAY. I have teamed up with whole lot of colourful designers and we have amazing prizes for one lucky winner! Are you ready?
  • 12 days of Christmas – DAY 9 : PULP STITCHIN’
    Today’s interview is with Kayley from Pulp Stitchin’, who is an amazing fibre artist from Aberdeen, Scotland. I got to know her early this summer as we were both part of small coaching group. Her work is super fun, soooo colourful and takes so much patience that I can only envy her! She makes unique embroidery kits, patterns and all kinds of artwork for colour lovers around the globe!
  • 12 days of Christmas – DAY 8 : IP DIP DESIGN
    Today I’m going to introduce Laura. She works as a graphic designer for a children’s publisher during the day and runs Ip Dip Design on her spare time. Her aim is to create work that brightens up those grey days and brings some rainbow joy to as many as possible. And if you ask me, she is doing a splendid job!I’ve known Laura from a while now and she is just awesome and like said, she really brings the joy in to the darker days!
  • 12 days of Christmas – DAY 7: Little Pig Jewellery Design
    Today we meet Emma. She is another crazy haired designer, a maker, a tea lady, a post office runner and the owner of Little Pig Jewellery Design. And obviously as she is a solopreneur like me, she wears all the hats in her company! She designs all kinds of quirky, fun and colorful jewellery and makes them by hand from Perspex acrylic and wood. She says the jewellery is as unique as the wearer and she is absolutely right on point! She and her company are based in the beautiful and rural countryside of Derbyshire UK. Everything started on a […]
  • 12 days of Christmas – DAY 6 : LumiWAU
    Happy Independence Day everyone! Today we are celebrating Finland and all things Finnish, so here is my own little introduction! So if you are here, I guess you already know that I’m Lumi, the designer, magic maker and girl boss behind LumiWAU. My studio is at our home in Vantaa, and our home is actually my grandma’s old home of 50 years.
  • 12 days of Christmas – DAY 5 : WorksBeautifully
    Today I have a very rainbowy designer for you – meet Kirsty from WorksBeautifully! She is an illustrator and designer from the South West of England. Her online shop is full of super colourful and unique products, including pins, phone cases, bags, clothing, homeware and prints! She even carves out some time to do portrait commissions as she just loves illustrating people. I really love her style, and I truly adore how open she is about the hard sides of life too! She even has the crazy hair like I do, so I guess we were soul sisters from the […]
  • 12 days of Christmas – DAY 4 : GIFT SWAP!
    This is the time of gifts, there is no denying that. BUT, the holiday season brings all kinds of costs, so I thought maybe we need to a little something to shake things up this Christmas! I love surprises AND obviously secret Santa, so here is what we are going to do TODAY.
  • 12 days of Christmas – DAY 3: SASS AND KITSCH
    Today I want to introduce you to Beth, who is (by her words) an overthinking Virgo on a personal mission to live an engaged life full of meaning and gratitude. By day she is a Service Manager for a substance misuse service. When she’s not there, she is living out her core values of Courage, Kindness, and Authenticity through her statement jewellery, homeware and illustration business – Sass and Kitsch. The rest of her time is spent with a four year old and she even has another kid on the way, so if you ask me, she is some kind […]
  • 12 days of Christmas – DAY 2: CHIMPS TEA PARTY
    As some of you know, I’ve been doing some sort of Advent Calendar each year I’ve been in business – that means this is the sixth year I’m doing this. I thought it was a time to shake things up a bit so I’ve invited some of my favorite rainbow makers and designers to answer few questions so you can get to know them too! I believe you will find plenty of new favorites and maybe even some great gift ideas too. Today I’m going to introduce you to lovely Pippa, the first one of the designers I have lined […]
  • 12 days of Christmas – DAY 1 : Rainbow GIFT GUIDE
    It’s December so it can only mean one thing – the Christmas countdown has started! I thought I’m going to shake things up a bit this year so I have invited 9 colorful designers to join me and oh the fantastic stuff I have planned for the next 12 days! Yes you read that right, it’s only going to be 12 days this year, but they are going to be so awesome that you will not be missing the rest of the days before Christmas. Let’s start off with a juicy one – here is the magnificent rainbow gift guide!
    This time of the year actually makes me sick. I’ve been getting Black Friday ads and emails for the past two weeks and it starts earlier and earlier each year. ‘Buy more shit for less’ is a rubbish way to treat customers and our precious globe.
    Here you can see the shipping deadlines for this Xmas. Place your order by the end of those dates and I promise to get your order delivered before 24th December. Please note the part of the collection that is produced for us in Latvia – will have a different shipping deadlines and if you place your order with items made in there after those dates, there is no guarantee to get your order in time. Have these shipping dates past and you are still in a need of a little magic? Place your order by the end of 17th and […]
    As some of you already know, Finnish Postal Service workers are going on a big and long strike on Monday 11th. The strike will go on until 24th, unless they can agree and end the strike earlier. So, this strike will affect letters the most and the letters will probably just stand still the whole time the strike is on. Parcels are less affected as they are sorted mostly by machines, but there will be delays too, just not that much as with the letters. Products that ship from the Latvian factory with the cheapest shipping method also use Finnish […]
    Here I’ve collected some of my favorite DIYs and tips to make your Halloween extra fancy and scary! Enjoy!
  • A DECADE OF FAKE BLOOD – Lumi’s Halloween costumes from 2009 to 2018
    When I was a kid, my parents used to held big Halloween parties for our family friends and more than often, me and my sisters would dress up as scary and full on horror. I’ve sometimes wondered why that is, that I’m not at least bit interested to be sexy anything but I guess that this is the time of year that I can actually let the dark side out –  my everyday is so cute and full of rainbows that maybe this is something I need for balance ๐Ÿ˜€ May the reason be whatever, I still love to dress […]
  • Inspiration Day – July
    As I am trying to find the fun in life again, I’ve decided to take a inspiration day at least once a month. I aim to get that to a half day off every other week, so I could just focus on getting inspired and actually get out of my studio – most of the days I just sit here and only time I go out and might see a actual living human being is when I take Milli for walkies. Or well obviously I see Joni when he leaves in the morning and after his work but you know […]
  • 24th December – MERRY XMAS!
    All good things come to an end but on this end, there’s a big prize – it’s giveaway time folks!!
  • 23rd December
    OMG – only few nights until the big eve! I’ve made some printable gift wraps for you, that’ll make your gifts extra cute!
  • 22nd December
    Is coloring a thing in the past? Or is it still a thing? Just asking for a friend.
  • 21st December
    I’ve saved the best recipe last – NAMI NUTELLA!
  • 20th December
    At our home, pancakes are a regular thing. Mostly because I only use milk in my coffee, so it quite often expires, so before it goes sour I make pancakes with it. And what do we eat with our pancakes? Lumin Lettuhillo of course!
  • 19th December
    Enough with the gifts and xmas – let’s talk how to sparkle your way into the NEW YEAR!
  • 18th December
    Another day another deal! Maccheronis are flying out today!
  • 17th December
    Here’s another one of my favorite recipes, that’ll make a perfect xmas gift – a yellow mustard!
  • 16th December
    What day is today? Well now that you’ve asked – it’s my BIRTHDAY!
  • 15th December
    What to get for that person who has everything? I have a few ideas.
  • 14th December
    I thought I’d share few of my fave recipes too, that’ll make a perfect and unique gift. First up, Unicorn Fudge!
  • 13th December
    Who is the coolest person you know? Or maybe you are the hippest of them all? Here are my gift recs for the trendsetters!
  • 12th December
    We are in the gift giving season, so it’s the time for some freebie add-ons!
  • 11th December
    I love food. I love eating it, I love making it, I love seeing it, smelling it, wearing it! Food just is perfect. And today I’m listing gift ideas for the one in your life who just loves food.
  • 10th December
    What time it is? Well it’s time to adopt some unicorny bags of holding in bulk for discounted price!
  • 9th December
    YAAAS. Another day, another diy. And this is the last one of the eco cosmetic diys I had in store for you this xmas, I hope you like it! So today we are making lightly tinted, soothing lip balm!
  • 8th December
    It’s time for another giveaway! It’s the season of giving after all! This time, I’m gonna give a gift of MACCHERONI! -kitchen towel with bubblegum pink print to a one lucky winner.
  • 7th December
    I live and breath DIYs. So here’s another easy peasy DIY, this time we’re doing a little xmas decor with a honeycomb paper ornament!
  • 6th December
    Today I’m making your life easier again by listing few gift ideas for that special someone, and today that someone is the everyday unicorn.
  • 5th December
    Here’s another easy eco cosmetics diy you can do at home –ย  a home made dry hand helper cream! I’ve been using this for the past month and it is quite oily, but it works for me. I’d say this would be a good gift for anyone in a desperate need of a dry hands repair! This diy is a bit more trickier than the sugar scrub I shared earlier but all in all, still quite simple.
  • 4th December
    Sometimes life just gets easier when the thing you are looking for is on sale. And that’s what today is about.
  • 3rd December
    Choosing and finding the perfect gift can be super exhausting. Believe me, I should know, as I put extra effort each year to find or make the perfect gift to everyone close to me. But as the Christmas season can surely be a little stressful and just a bit much, I love shopping online, as that takes the hustle of shopping to a bare minimum. I thought I’d make things a little easier for you and I’ve got some ideas lined up for different kind of persons that might help you to find the perfect gift (or just something awesome […]
  • 2nd December
    I love handmade gifts. Well in fact, I love giving gifts in general but making them makes them even more special and the receiver will definitely appreciate the effort. So, part of the 24 days of LumiWAU Xmas, Iยดm gonna share some of my own favorite diys, that you can easily make at home. First were making a softening sugar scrub for dry hands!
  • 1st DECEMBER
    Let’s start with a bang. First December means first giveaway! I’m gonna give a gift of one grey Sad Little Ghostie -beanie and a pair of Mood swings -earrings to a one lucky winner.