LumiWAU (B-ID 2564700-3) is a fun, colorful and creative Finnish design brand, founded in 2013.

Good quality, awesome design and joyful way of thinking are present on each and everyone of our items. The LumiWAU style is definitely colorful, outstanding and different from everything else you’ve seen.

All products are designed here in Finland. The clothing production is currently split between a responsible factory in Latvia and the LumiWAU HQ in Vantaa. Some parts of the jewellery are manufactured in Portugal and the UK, but all jewellery pieces are assembled by hand in LumiWAU HQ. Accessories are all made here in Vantaa.

As it comes to materials; the choices are made by quality, sustainability, versatility and usability. All our items should have a long, good life with you, and by choosing materials that suit that purpose, my job is done well. Recycled or up cycled materials are used quite often, but of course only the best quality materials are selected to guarantee the long life cycle.

Prints and colors are very dear to me. And that’s why they come in first with everything I design. Sometimes the idea for a piece comes straight from the material. I love to discover new uses for ordinary things and I’m not afraid to use unconventional materials on ordinary items.

LumiWAU collection is mostly colorful clothing, accessories, flair and jewellery. The collection is updated and renewed when I feel like it – some items are classics that stay through out the seasons and trends and some items just come and go. But you can be sure, that this brand is never going to be part of the fast fashion industry spilling out 15 collections a year while exploiting people and the environment by doing so. Slow fashion made sweat shop free with high quality items is more my style. And that is the future of fashion, or there is no future for fashion at all. The mass fashion industry has to change.

As you see, there’s a lot going on behind the cute and daydreamy cover. By making you look rad and awesome, I also want to change the world bit by bit. I also do a variety of other things in the between of my unicorn rides, so you can contact me on any occasion and I guarantee we’ll sort something out!

Dare to be more than average. I mean, why not?