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A DECADE OF FAKE BLOOD – Lumi’s Halloween costumes from 2009 to 2018

When I was a kid, my parents used to held big Halloween parties for our family friends and more than often, me and my sisters would dress up as scary and full on horror. I’ve sometimes wondered why that is, that I’m not at least bit interested to be sexy anything but I guess that this is the time of year that I can actually let the dark side out –  my everyday is so cute and full of rainbows that maybe this is something I need for balance ๐Ÿ˜€ May the reason be whatever, I still love to dress up as scary and horrifying as possible. And the theater blood and scary contact lenses?! YES COUNT ME IN.


So to share a bit from my Halloweens past, I went and collected all the pictures I could find on my computer easily and oh my goodness, they go all the way back to 2007. I know, that was like 12 bloody years ago! That I believe was the year I held my first ever Halloween party at my own home and one of my friends actually wanted to be a mummy but all he could find was a pink sheet with the rubber band so he was far off a mummy! I dressed up as vampire, as you can barely see from the left picture below. Thank goodness for digital revolution so we can have better pictures these days. 2009 I started studying design and we had a Halloween party, and I wasn’t sure should I dress up or not so I ended up doing my normal glittery make up and then adding some blood, because there’s always room for some fake blood.  And it even looked ok on the next morn!


I know we had Drink or Treat parties at school 2010 too, but for some odd reason there is no pictures – and I have no idea why. Maybe I have broken my phone which had all them? Could be. 2011 and 2012 had very bloody vibe, like said, I just love to play around with that red stuff. 2011 I had a zipper eye, with a regular zipper glued to my face with a beard glue and on 2012 I rocked a mad red contact lense too. Joni went as a Doctor Joni, a very creepy outfit in all it’s simplicity.


This year almost all of us had already graduated so we kept a party at home after a few years. It was also Milli’s first Halloween so we only had few of our friends over so she wouldn’t get overwhelmed. I made Joni a skeleton overall and I was chanelling my inner pirate witch with some crazy contact lenses and, you guessed it fake blood.


On 2014 we bought our home and we spent the whole summer and autumn renovating it, so there was no time for Halloween that year. But on 2015, one of my friends turned 30 and this is the look I went with on his bday bash. I’m really liking how this dark eyes look, even if I didn’t have any fancy contact lenses. This look is made mostly with different shades of purple and brown eye shadows, but with a million layers. And you guessed it, the fake blood is present here too.


As you can see after scrolling this far, my fave thing to dress up is a zombie with some dark eyes and fake blood injuries. 2016 was no exception. I had some dark blue contact lenses as Joni thought they would be equally scary as full black ones. I wouldn’t agree on that but at least they changed my eyes a bit. Milli dressed up as a ballerina this year, as she loves to be cute rather than drip blood.


This year I wanted to go darker than before and somehow channel some inner demons. I got obsessed with the black eyes and black forehead, somewhat inspired from japanese horror films. Those kid like demons just creep me out! Obviously this demon had just eaten something juicy – and I really like this blood effect I have going on here – not that drippy but equally creepy. Joni sported the skeleton overall again with some creepy contact lenses and Milli was a little witch with hat and all.


Last year I went as a infected researcher and so far, this is the make up I’m most proud of. Not going to lie, it took several hours to actually get all the veins and bruises just right. That white contact lense was a blind eye lense – which means I could not see a thing with it. Oddly enough they were sold as a pair but who wants to dress up as a blind person for real? So weird and I’m glad I only wanted to wear one to begin with, because you surely could not see anything with it. Joni and Milli didn’t want to go scary as I was already so gore, so Milli was a tiny dinosaur and Joni a Finnish movie character named Uuno Turhapuro.

This year I plan to reuse all the best ideas I’ve had over the years and hopefully Joni will let me use some blood on him too. We’ll see. I’ll update this years looks, diy and food after the party – we are helding another Halloween Horror get together on November 2nd. I’ll share some videos of me recreating some of these looks on my IGTV on Halloween so if you are looking for more inspiration, head on over on 31st.

Infected eye tutorial
Bleeding eyes tutorial

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Happy Halloween everyone!