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9th December

YAAAS. Another day, another diy. And this is the last one of the eco cosmetic diys I had in store for you this xmas, I hope you like it! So today we are making lightly tinted, soothing lip balm!

My lips are almost as bad as my hands come winter time. They dry up and I need to be adding and adding and adding lip balm ALL THE TIME. Yes, I bet you know the thing I’m talking about. This DIY recipe is very easy, all you do is heat things up, mix and pour!

You’ll need: (this recipe is for two 30ml jars)

  • a small kettle
  • kitchen scale
  • some old newspaper to protect the table
  • spoon
  • some small containers (I used these)
  • 10g bees wax
  • 1 table spoon of coconut oil
  • 1 tiny drop of e-vitamin oil (I got mine here)
  • 7 drops of essential oil of your choosing
  • for slight tint: small piece of lipstick or raw cocoa powder
  • for slight shimmer: small piece of eye shadow (make use of the shattered ones!)

I bought my bees wax from a local honey farm, and you can get that from most health food stores or a farmers market. The e-vitamin oil helps dry skin to keep it’s moisture better, so it makes wonders on dried up lips! I used mixture of orange and peppermint oils and the peppermint sure gives you a refreshed feel once you apply! I used a small piece of lipstick (buy a new one for gift making, for yourself you can use the ends of old ones) and some eye shadow, so I ended up with this shimmery mauve red. It does tint my lips just slightly, the color is darker in the jar.

Here’s how to make it:

  • First, crumble up your beeswax and measure it in a kettle
  • Measure your coconut oil and put in the kettle too
  • Put it on a stove and let it all melt. Use a low temperature and mix constantly
  • Once everything is melted and mixed, take the kettle of the stove
  • Let cool for minute or two and then mix in the e-vitamin oil and essential oils
  • Then mix in the lipstick or cacao and eye shadow for shimmer if you want
  • Then just pour into your containers and let sit once they are cooled and harden
  • Close the jars and you are done!

Few pointers; I wipe my kettle clean with paper towels once I’ve poured the mixture into the jars. Once it is still in liquid form, it’s easy to wipe of and leave the kettle clean. If you forget to do this and the mixture hardens on the kettle, just warm it up few minutes on the stove or use hot water, sponge and some dish soap. It should come right off!

There! I hope you like it and actually make it, leave a comment or a pic below if you end up doing it! I’d pair the lip balm / lip stain with some cute make up pouch filled with all kinds of self care items. See my recommendations below!

XO Lumi

This is part nine of the 24 days of LumiWAU Xmas, which includes all kinds of christmassy diy tutorials, gift ideas for the unicorns and some super sweet deals and giveaways. Come back tomorrow at noon and you’ll find treat nro 10!