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19th December

Enough with the gifts and xmas – let’s talk how to sparkle your way into the NEW YEAR!

A little glitter never hurt. Neither did a lot. Or once when it got into to my eye, but I survived it! As a proper mag pie / glitter addict, a lot of sparkle usually finds it’s way to my designs as well. I even have a small ALL GLITTER collection in the making, that’s going to debut quite soon! And the sparkliest holiday there is, is def New Years, what better time to sparkle away than the last and fist days of the year!

I’ve listed some of my fave sparkle things below – I hope they’ll make your new year sparkly as hell!
(If you order today or tomorrow, they should arrive in time for new year’s in EU)

XO Lumi

This is part nineteen of the 24 days of LumiWAU Xmas, which includes all kinds of christmassy diy tutorials, gift ideas for the unicorns and some super sweet deals and giveaways. Come back tomorrow at noon and you’ll find treat nro 20!