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16th December

What day is today? Well now that you’ve asked – it’s my BIRTHDAY!

YES, I turn 31y today. And if you ask me, that’s quite old. Having a bit of a crisis here this morn but trying to power through it. I’m sure some cake and bubbly will help too 😀 Also, sorry for the dated photo – I’m not feeling that photogenic right now and it’s SO DARK here all the time. Maybe I should get myself a proper lighting kit as a gift?!

Life crisis aside, I thought we should have a party, so I’ve discounted everything, yes EVERYTHANG in my shop and just for today. I know I know, it’s usually the other way round and the birthday girl is the one getting gifts, but without you all, I wouldn’t be able to live my dream day by day and keep doing what I love doing, so it seems fair that I’m giving something a bit extra back on this special day. So feel free to shop away all your dream items, as the discounts are quite hefty on most pieces and I’ve listed some of my own faves below!

And hey, if you want to give a gift in return, you can do so by telling someone new about LumiWAU – it would really mean the world to me.

Thank you for being here. Now I’m gonna get some cake and hope it’ll ease the pain of getting older.

XO Lumi

This is part sixteen of the 24 days of LumiWAU Xmas, which includes all kinds of christmassy diy tutorials, gift ideas for the unicorns and some super sweet deals and giveaways. Come back tomorrow at noon and you’ll find treat nro 17!