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15th December

What to get for that person who has everything? I have a few ideas.

We all have one or more persons like this in our lives. The difficult one who you don’t never know what to get. Not because you don’t know them that well, you do, but they just don’t like things / have everything they need. In my life, these are mostly men, like my SO, he always buys what he needs and mostly what he wants too so what’s there for me to get, especially if my budget is limited? (It usually is, sadly being a entrepreneur hasn’t made me that much millions yet).

So to make things easier for you, I’ve listed few items that I’d recommend for these kind of persons.

First, a gift card is always a good idea. Then they can choose themselves what to get. I have them in various price ranges, so there’s something for every budget. It’s also a virtual one, so there’s no rush with shipping – you can get one even on the day! Also, I have few more unisex kind of items in the making, so there’s much more for men or manly types to shop too quite soon.

Second, if you’d actually prefer to get something you can actually grab, my ideas would the the ‘Sad Little Ghostie’ -beanie or the ‘Mystery Box’. Both well suited for all sexes, and the beanie in grey has been a big hit this fall.  & If you want a more manly mystery box, just leave a note at the checkout and I’ll customize it for your liking!

Hope these idea help you out a bit!

XO Lumi

This is part fifteen of the 24 days of LumiWAU Xmas, which includes all kinds of christmassy diy tutorials, gift ideas for the unicorns and some super sweet deals and giveaways. Come back tomorrow at noon and you’ll find treat nro 16!