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13th December

Who is the coolest person you know? Or maybe you are the hippest of them all? Here are my gift recs for the trendsetters!

Bumbag? Check. Five panel cap? Check. Big enamel pin collection? Check. Tote bag for emotional baggage? Check.

Yess, we all know at least one of these persons. Or maybe we are that person, which makes this gift idea list even better, as the gifts bought for yourself are the best gifts!

All these (like everything in my collections) is made mostly here in the HQ and I source materials as close home as possible, so almost everything comes from within EU borders. No sweat shops, no bad ethics, not spoiling the environment, no bullshit and absolutely no fast fashion. Everything is made with care and love and so, that you (or your loved one) can enjoy them for a looooooooong time. Good ha?

See all my recommendations below. And yes, there’s still plenty of time to get your order in time for the big day for domestic customers – peeps outside Finland get your order in by the end of today!

XO Lumi

This is part thirteen of the 24 days of LumiWAU Xmas, which includes all kinds of christmassy diy tutorials, gift ideas for the unicorns and some super sweet deals and giveaways. Come back tomorrow at noon and you’ll find treat nro 14!