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12 days of Christmas – DAY 9 : PULP STITCHIN’

Today’s interview is with Kayley from Pulp Stitchin’, who is an amazing fibre artist from Aberdeen, Scotland. I got to know her early this summer as we were both part of small coaching group. Her work is super fun, soooo colourful and takes so much patience that I can only envy her! She makes unique embroidery kits, patterns and all kinds of artwork for colour lovers around the globe!

Why did you become a designer?

My day job in Science is very regulated and not very colourful. So starting Pulp Stitchin’ allowed me to be my creative, rainbow self in my own time.

Three odd facts about you?

  • I’m told I have a very soothing Scottish accent and had a lot of compliments on it from the CreativeMe podcast I was on 😂
  • I’m always wearing something glitter. Always.
  • Not so colourful… I love a good murder documentary.

What’s your fave Christmas activity or your fave thing about Christmas?

Even though it is really hard work, I love being at Christmas markets each year, meeting all the other local creatives who are also creating amazing things.

What’s your top tip for a gift and for who is it best for?

Top gift is my personalised Christmas bauble! You can choose from six different acrylic bauble colours and I will embroider a portrait of you on it. It’s unique, personal and a keepsake which can be hung on your Christmas tree year after year.  This can be for anyone – mum & dads, newlyweds, people who have moved house, friends or new parents!

What did you wish from Santa this year?

We’ve just moved house so I’d love Santa to help me create my craft room.

Something else you’d like to mention?

Lumi and I met over the summer through the Indie Roller Mastermind so it’s lovely to end the year working together with our new plans in place!

Like I said on my introduction, Kayley is such an amazing artist and designer and I’m super glad we got to know each other during our time on the Mastermind. She truly is super supportive and I bet we’ll be in touch for long after this year too! My favorites from her shop are definitely the Cross Stitch Kits; as they are all so colorful and cheerful, the Coasters with cross stitch prints; so fun! and that Keep Going Card is just a rainbow overload! And if you are a crafty one, she also sells her cross stitch patterns too!


You can find all her links below! Her last shipping date is approaching quickly so if you want to snap up anything from her shop, do it TODAY.



Tomorrow I have a super awesome giveaway with the lovely designers I’ve introduced – check back here in the morn!