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12 days of Christmas – DAY 8 : IP DIP DESIGN

Today I’m going to introduce Laura. She works as a graphic designer for a children’s publisher during the day and runs Ip Dip Design on her spare time. Her aim is to create work that brightens up those grey days and brings some rainbow joy to as many as possible. And if you ask me, she is doing a splendid job!I’ve known Laura from a while now and she is just awesome and like said, she really brings the joy in to the darker days!

Why did you become a designer?

Ever since I was little I’ve been creative. My love of bold design and use of colour lead me to getting my degree in Graphic Design. Since then I’ve been developing my illustration style and combining the two processes together.

Three odd facts about you or your work?

  • I hate tea (despite being British 😄)
  • The rainbow thing was a total accident but seems to be my go-to colour palette now. If you can’t choose one, use them all!
  • My business name came from a super old email dress I had as a teen 😁

What’s your fave Christmas activity?

I love decorating for Christmas! Now that we have our own place I’m super excited to get every room feeling festive. I also love baking (and eating!) gingerbread.

What’s your top tip for a gift and for who is it best for?

My mini prints make a lovely gift or Secret Santa – they’re easy to wrap and a lovely way of gifting a little happiness to someone to brighten up their space, or remind them of you. The postcards packs are also really great if you have a few friends to buy for and want to frame something cute and colourful.

What did you wish from Santa this year?

A rest 😂

I just bloody love everything she does and I own multiple of her items – all very well made and super joyful! I would highly recommend (on top of the ones she mentioned) any of her stickers and the Rainbow Initial Print for any rainbow lover out there.


You can find all her links below. Her final shipping day for Europe this Christmas is on 11th, so better be fast than sorry!



Tomorrow I have another rainbow loving girl boss to introduce, so see you back here at 9am!