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12 days of Christmas – DAY 7: Little Pig Jewellery Design

Today we meet Emma. She is another crazy haired designer, a maker, a tea lady, a post office runner and the owner of Little Pig Jewellery Design. And obviously as she is a solopreneur like me, she wears all the hats in her company! She designs all kinds of quirky, fun and colorful jewellery and makes them by hand from Perspex acrylic and wood. She says the jewellery is as unique as the wearer and she is absolutely right on point! She and her company are based in the beautiful and rural countryside of Derbyshire UK. Everything started on a daydream that she just couldn’t get out of her head and I for one am super happy that she went on this journey and is here today!

Why did you become a designer?

In the Summer of 2014, whilst on a road trip to Brighton, I had the same conversation with my other half that I had already talked about a number of times before. I daydreamed about having the know-how to make jewellery, something that I am quite frankly obsessed with! He looked at me and with a sudden sense of seriousness said, “just do it! Find a night class or a course and enjoy it.” I came up with the usual excuses about there not being enough time in the day (I was working long hours as a Deputy Head Teacher) and he told me to make time…so I used that popular search engine online and found a silversmithing course that wasn’t too far from where we live and booked a place. I was ridiculously excited and that night I could not sleep. So (having never actually made a saleable piece of jewellery) I went online, registered my company name, reserved a website domain name and designed a logo (which has thankfully since been updated by a talented illustrator) but I was full of what was going to be a new adventure. I loved the classes and learned so much about working with metals, but my true passion is acrylic jewellery, something that I have avidly collected and worn for around 20 years! So fast forward a little while, I then went on to training in handmade acrylic jewellery at the London Jewellery School and then, through lots of research, a laser-cutting course nearer to home. You can probably gather by now that I’m an all or nothing kind of person, so the next day I purchased my own laser cutter!  The rest as they say, is history…well more the present in my case. In the Summer of 2017 I left my career in education and took a leap of faith to run Little Pig Jewellery Design full time and start officially trading as an independent business. My business name originates from a nickname given by a younger member of the family…and it has stuck!

Three odd facts about you?

  • Most of my ideas come to me in the shower.
  • I was once asked to design a walking toilet brooch with googly eyes, a backpack and a walking stick.
  • I often make supersized versions of my jewellery for me to wear because I like it to get noticed amongst my colourful outfits.

What’s your fave thing about Christmas?

Sitting together with family, a lovely warm fire and yummy food makes me feel very lucky. Getting together with the people you love , wearing pyjamas and playing silly games are the best parts  – as well as the pigs in blankets and roast potatoes with a glass of mulled wine. I LOVE making at least part of everyone’s presents or cards, making sure there is a little personal touch. I also love a festive market, on a cold day, all wrapped up warm. I love Christmas really…so that’s quite a lot of favourite bits!

What’s your top tip for a gift and for who is it best for?

I think a lot of my jewellery is perfect for colour lovers, so although I do make season specific jewellery, things like my rainbow pencil necklace make a fun and quirky gift that can be worn all year round. My top tip for a gift is something that will make the person smile every time that they look at it!

What did you wish from Santa this year?

I have a wish list of random and quirky things from beret covered in felt fried eggs to glittery eye makeup!

Something else you’d like to mention?

I offer custom made jewellery and I say to my customers that anything is (almost) possible when it comes to making the magic happen. If you want to dream up an unusual necklace, quirky brooch or a one off pair of earrings then that’s a challenge that I love!

Her style is so fun and she even thinks so alike me that I’m truly amazed! If I’d had endless budget I would have bought like half her shop already, but sadly that’s not the case rn! Here are few of my favorites from her shop that are on my wish list; the Colour Wheel -necklace and the Small Rainbow Scissors -necklace.

You can find all her links below AND she has very generously given me a discount code to share with all of you – use LUMI20 to get 20% off your order on her shop! Only valid TODAY so better be quick! She told me that her last shipping day for Europe is the 14th, so get your orders in at latest on the 12th.


Me and Emma have something very special planned for you all later today – be sure to check out our IGs around 6!
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