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12 days of Christmas – DAY 6 : LumiWAU

Happy Independence Day everyone! Today we are celebrating Finland and all things Finnish, so here is my own little introduction! So if you are here, I guess you already know that I’m Lumi, the designer, magic maker and girl boss behind LumiWAU. My studio is at our home in Vantaa, and our home is actually my grandma’s old home of 50 years.

Why did you become a designer?

I’ve always been a creative, ever since I was little. I think my mom introduced me to finger paints before I could sit. When I was at school, I came to love handicrafts too, and ever since I remember I’ve been knitting, sewing, painting or drawing with all my free time. When I found out that I could actually study textile design in Uni, I knew I had found my profession. And even before I started my studies, I knew I wanted to found my own company when I graduate – I was done working my ass off for someone else. I wanted to be know for my own achievements and that is the thing that keeps me going 6 years in.

Three odd facts about you or your work?

  • My studio is usually a creative chaos. Joni is not allowed to come here and borrow things, as a) he never knows where everything is and b) if he organizes anything here, I can’t find it anymore.
  • I am a night owl, which means I very rarely get to the studio before 9am. Even tho I commute from the room next to the studio.
  • I do the screenprinting myself and I wash the inks from the bigger screens at our shower with rubber boots on. Joni is ok with it, until there is a paint splatter somewhere. Fortunately a proper scrubbing usually does the trick.

What’s your fave thing about Christmas?

To me, Christmas is a family thing. I love the whole season with the colorful decorations and going to the Christmas markets, but what makes it Christmas, is our traditions on Christmas eve. Each year it goes quite like this; we gather together with the whole family; my parents, my sisters (and their boyfriends), me and Joni and at least three doggos. Usually we do it our parents / our childhood home. Before we eat, my dad reads part of the Christmas gospel (we’re not that religious, to me it’s just something we do) and then we eat all the delicious foods until we are so full that we don’t need to eat until New Years. After dinner we share gifts; we pile them up under the tree and I always read to whom they are for. Mom never opens her gifts until we have all opened ours, she likes to watch us open ours first. Last but not least of the traditions is that each year I want to watch the Jiminy Cricket Christmas Special on tv, and each year my sisters complain that we need to watch it. But we watch it anyway.

What’s your top tip for a gift and for who is it best for?

The best gift of this year is the I’m awesome -beanie. It comes in four colours; mustard yellow, heather grey, sky blue and baby pink and it has the perfect rainbow embroidery on front. It would be a perfect gift for anyone who is awesome and has a head. The beanies are super warm and comfy but stretchy too, so your brain don’t feel squeezed and your hair flat.

I also have plenty of small gifts in my shop, like the new wall decal stickers and sew on patches which are perfect little something for a friend or a coworker. I would recommend these for a far a way friend too, as they are super easy to ship!

What did you wish from Santa this year?

More time to spend with my family and friends. And, I would love a big collection of new Promarkers and some Posca pens – I want to be illustrating more on paper again on 2020!

Something else you’d like to mention?

I have a discount for you, almost everything* is 30% off in my store the next 24h and then 15% off until 17th if you spend at least 20€. No codes needed, it’s added to your order automatically! Have a great Independence day and remember to support your local!

*goes only to items made by Lumi.


Tomorrow I have another awesome designer to introduce to you, and she is definitely a soul sister of mine! See you back here tomorrow 🙂