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12 days of Christmas – DAY 3: SASS AND KITSCH

Today I want to introduce you to Beth, who is (by her words) an overthinking Virgo on a personal mission to live an engaged life full of meaning and gratitude. By day she is a Service Manager for a substance misuse service. When she’s not there, she is living out her core values of Courage, Kindness, and Authenticity through her statement jewellery, homeware and illustration business – Sass and Kitsch. The rest of her time is spent with a four year old and she even has another kid on the way, so if you ask me, she is some kind of a super woman balancing all that in her daily life!

Why did you become a designer?

My hobbies have always been creative – writing, painting, photography, crafting etc. Four years ago, when I had my daughter I found myself uninspired by the clothing and accessories available for young girls. It all felt so safe and frilly. I felt an urge to create things that would help her express her playful and brave character in an individual way so I started making children necklaces and colourful garlands, this then evolved into a desire to help all women express their badass selves and I found a passion for polymer clay and illustration.

Three odd facts about you or your work?

  • It was only after I launched my shop in May 2018 that I then went on to have a love affair with polymer clay.
  • My original 5 year plan for Sass and Kitsch was to become a pattern designer and create textiles and homeware. I have lots of ambitions, and I’ll never achieve any of them unless I pick a goal and focus πŸ™‚
  • Next year I’ll be evolving my business, away from garlands and weaves and more uniquely focussed on jewellery and illustration. I’m trying to ‘niche down’ in order to make best use of my limited making time. I instinctively feel a bit trapped by putting myself in boxes, and will miss the creative freedom, but I want to build my business and feel this is a necessary step.

What’s your fave thing about Christmas?

I just love all of it. I’m a super Christmas fan. When we were little we sat in a circle and took it in turns to open presents. The memories are magical, we were so absorbed in a bubble of joy and the excitement and I’ll carry that feeling with me forever! I can’t wait for my daughter to have a little brother or sister so we can start the same tradition. I think taking the time of opening gifts in this way helps to appreciate what you are being given and watching others joy in opening theirs can otherwise be missed in the chaos!

What’s your top tip for a gift and for who is it best for?

My top tip gift this year would be the DIY garland kits. They make the cutest stocking filler because the packaging is super cute (like a bag of sweets). It’s an easy make that doesn’t take too long, it’s unlikely too many people have one but there’s always somewhere to hang one, and the maker can choose the pattern of the balls so it can be unique to them.

What did you wish from Santa this year?

I would really like a Silhouette digital cutter but it’s out of Santa’s price range. I’ll be happy with the book Joyful by Ingrid Fettel Lee – her strapline is: The surprising power of ordinary tings to create extraordinary happiness. It sounds the balls doesn’t it!

Amazing stuff Beth! I just absolutely love her energy and she makes just so amazing things. My absolute favorites from her shop are the Large Rainbow Dangle -earrings and the Space and Galaxy -weave.

You can find her links below, and she tells me that her last shipping day for European orders is on the 14th, so there’s plenty of time but just keep in mind that her makings are extremely limited and made by hand, so there actually isn’t that big stock. Better be quick than sorry I always say!


Okay! I hope you love her and her makings as much as I do. Tomorrow I have a completely different kind of surprise to you, so see you back here tomorrow!