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12 Days of Christmas – DAY 12 : Last minute GIFT GUIDE

I know that we still have 12 days until the big day but the shipping takes it’s own time BUT I will always recommend to shop your gifts online – no queuing, no hassle and at the best case your gifts will be delivered to your door. Tomorrow is the last day to ship things between European borders (with me and my fellow colorful indie designers) so here is a little LAST MINUTE gift guide to make your rainbow gift shopping easy today!

This gift guide is FULL of indie made rainbow goodness and most of the products featured are made by the designer them self. I’ve included products from 7 designers (I’m one of them) and the products are ready to ship if not today, then tomorrow so you should be in the clear with getting your order by Christmas.


I know I’m not the only one who loves handicrafts, so here some are brilliant DIY kits from the lovely Kayley at Pulp Stitchin’. All the kits come with everything you’ll need to finish your new decoration and very simple and easy to follow instructions – so these are suited even for the ones starting their crafting journey!

You Got This! Create your own cross stitch with this craft kit for colour lovers! This is the one that I want on my studio wall! Get your kit here.
No matter what life throws in your way, the most important thing is to just keep going. This is our mantra as indie biz owners but I think it will fit all kinds of life situations. Get your ‘Keep Going’ -kit here.
This one is so happy and colourful that who could say no to this?
Get your Follow Your Rainbow -kit here.
Christmas Jumper Bauble that you can cross stitch yourself? Count me in!
This comes in 7 different colorways so there definitely is one you’ll love. Get yours here.


Everyone knows that one person that has a jewellery set for every occasion. I’m that person in my social bubble, so I for one know that there’s always room for more jewellery. Here are some of my favorite pieces from my awesome rainbow sister Emma from Little Pig Jewellery Design.

Get your pair of the ‘Pastel Rainbow’ -earrings here.
I seriously need these Drop Scissor -earrings in my life. And the best part? They come in mix-match colors so you don’t have to choose just one!
Get your pair here.
A classic. This could go well for Valentines too!
Get your brooch here.
Have you been naughty or nice this year? Even if you have not been that nice, you can definitely fool everyone with this cute ass brooch.
Get yours here. (And hey, this one is on sale so go fast!)


As you know, my collection is full of all kinds soft rainbow goodness. The newest parts of the collection are celebrating how life and we are awesome, so what better gift could you get to that person who is the best fucking person in your life? And hey, just a reminder – everything me-made is now 15% off until the last shipping day of this year! No codes needed, it’s automatically added to your cart when you spend 20€ or more.

These beanies have certainly been one of the bestsellers for the last month and no wonder – they come in all four awesome colours and they just make people smile! The perfect gift I’d say. Get yours here.
This is one of my collection corner stone slogans. It’s been here since the dawn and it is still one of my own and my customers favorites. Get yourself a purse with added attitude here.
Make life awesome – that’s the only way to live if you ask me.
Get this tee here.

(Note that these tees are made on demand and the 12th Decmeber is the last day to get your order in for them to ship in time for Christmas!)
When you just can’t settle for one colour but need them all, I have the solutions for you. And hey, all the tees and hats are perfect for men too!
Shop the Rainbowtastic -collection here.


Gallery walls are the best way to bring your personality into your living space. Here are some lovely prints to add to your collection from Laura at Ip Dip Design. And hey, these are the perfect gifts too!

I have this print as a postcard in my coffee table and it makes me extremely happy every time I glance at it. Get your poster here.
Doing your best is the absolute maximum you can do and IT IS ENOUGH. Get this print to remind you or someone close to you that they are enough.
YAY to all the small victories!
This print is the perfect print to every gallery wall or just to put on your wall by itself. I promise it’ll make you more excited about everything!
Get yours here.
Laura told me that this is her most popular print at the moment and I can totally see why. Self care is so important and these days we are not that kind to ourselves as everything should always be perfect even when it seems impossible. So take this quote to your heart and this print to your wall.


I used to collect pins when I was little, and I bet most of the people my age are the same exact ones that are now collecting all the pins as we didn’t get to have them ALL as kids! Here are some of my personal faves from the lovely Kirsty at Worksbeautifully.

LOVE IS LOVE! This is my absolute favorite – rainbow, glitter and equality all in one pin! Get yours here.
Kirsty has made the Love is Love pin for pastel lovers too but also for all the different LGBTQ+ color combos out there. See them all here!
Well aren’t we all a bit gay? Get your pin here.
The perfect rainbow beach house – if I can’t own one in real life, at least I’ll have this. Get your beach house of dreams here.


Like I said previously – one can never not need a new pair of earrings. Here are my favorites from the awesome Beth at Sass and Kitsch.

These dangles will certainly make you feel festive! And look at those colours of the little Christmas lights! Absolutely awesome. Get your pair here.
You can’t go wrong with a little magenta. Super festive but elegant. Get your pair here.
These are my all time favorite of her designs and they are on my shopping list for my birthday next week! Get yourself a pair to we can be matchy matchy!
How gorgeous are these?! These earrings are what the pastel disco queens could only dream of. Get your pair here.


Pippa from Chimps Tea Party has the most amazing home decor with all the cute animals. These are the products I need to get my hand on, but her whole shop is filled with amazing things!

Make your tree more you this year and top it off with this absolutely adorable Owl tree topper!
Are your plants feeling lonely and sad? Well not anymore – this little plant friend will keep them company and make them happy!
Get your red panda here.
The quirkier the decorations, the better if you ask me! These funny little animal Christmas ornaments are going to make your tree the best ever. Get a set of three here.
I just noticed these in Pippa’s shop yesterday – and there is even a whole collection of super cute wooden coasters! This one is my favorite but the rest are super nice too!

So here you go! I hope you love these rainbowy awesome products as much as I do – and you know, the best gifts are the ones you get yourself! Self care for the win!

This gift guide is also the last of the 12 days of Christmas with LumiWAU & Friends -post as we are already on the December 12th. So I hope you have enjoyed the countdown as much as I liked doing it! You can see all the posts here.

Have a magical day!