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12 Days of Christmas – DAY 11 : DIY GIFTS

For the past 10 days I’ve been sharing and celebrating some of my own favorite indie designers – I hope you’ve found them interesting! But as you all know, I also love everything hand made so here’s a little recap of last years Christmas Countdown DIY’s !

These recipes and tutorials got the most comments and love since I posted them last December, so here they are for you to use this year too!

NAMI NUTELLA aka choco-hazelnut spread

This recipe was definitely the most loved last year. Since then I’ve gotten allergic to hazelnuts but the lucky ones who are not, should definitely try out this recipe and make some chocolate goodness for someones Christmas gift!
Read the full recipe here.

Delicious Unicorn Fudge

This fudge is cute, tastes fantastic and it’s fool proof to make.
A perfect and Instagrammable gift!
Read the recipe here.

Soothing Lip Balm

DIY cosmetics are so easy to do and they only need few ingredients, so I bet you’ll go stir crazy like I did when I first tired to make this lip balm.
Full recipe & tutorial here.

Home made dry hand helper lotion bar

Don’t you just hate dry hands? I know I do! My hands get so dry during the winter months that they just crack and are so so sore! This easy to do lotion bar is super easy to make and it’s a well needed cure for those dry and sore hands!
Read the recipe and tutorial here.

Lumi’s easy mustard

One of my obsessions is definitely food preserving – I’ve gone nuts with all kinds of pickles, jams, mustards and preserves. Mustard is definitely one of the easiest ones to try, and it’s a very suited for Christmas, as traditionally Finns eat all kinds of meats with plenty of mustard during the holidays.
Get the recipe here.

Easy Sugar Scrub

This is as easy as it gets! You only need three ingredients and you’ll get the softest hands ever!
Read the whole tutorial & recipe here.

 Hope you enjoy making these gifts! If you decide on making any of these, share a pic with #lumiwauDIY . And if you are not the make-it-yourself-type, I have plenty of good gifts in stock and ready to be shipped AND almost everything is 15% off until December 17th. Come back tomorrow for the ultimate ending of this 12 days of Christmas with LumiWAU x Friends!