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12 days of Christmas – DAY 10 : GIVEAWAY

TODAY IS THE DAY. I have teamed up with whole lot of colourful designers and we have amazing prizes for one lucky winner! Are you ready?

If you have been reading a long the past 9 days, you already know the designers I’ve teamed up with – they all have been already interviewed here in my blog! If not, you can have a read here;
Day 2 – Chimps Tea Party & Pippa
Day 3 – Sass and Kitsch & Beth
Day 5 – Worksbeautifully & Kirsty
Day 6 – LumiWAU & Lumi
Day 8 – Ip Dip Design & Laura
Day 9 – Pulp Stitchin’ & Kayley

Each and every one are super colorful, fun and I can only admire what they do! We are all somewhat similar making the world a bit more colorful with each design but still our products vary a lot, so I guarantee everyone reading this will find a new indie designer to add to their favorites.

Today’s giveaway is a true celebration of personal style and color! We all have donated a product to make this awesome gift set and we’ll draw a winner on Thursday morning, who will win it all! You can take part on the giveaway at 11 am (GMT+2) at Instagram. But, before we go into the specifics how to get in, let’s go into a little deeper on what the one lucky unicorn will actually win!

First up; a Lemur Plant Animal from Chimps Tea Party

This little fellow is a little party going lemur friend for your house plant! With this lemur living in your plant pot, your plants will never be alone again. It’s made out of FSC certified birch plywood and artwork is traditional Pippa – she photographs things, prints them out and then cuts and glue things together to make a whole world of fantastic and funny animals or lush florals. This plant friend is part of a bigger group of animals; you can find all her plant friends here.

A Cinderella DIY Garland Kit from Sass and Kitsch

Don’t you just love the colours on this?! I sure can see the Cinderella reference! This diy kit has all the materials needed to make a 160cm long colorful felt ball garland. This is the perfect thing to make if you are looking for something crafty but want to keep it super simple and just let your mind ease out all the stress. Beth has these in all the colours and even more shapes, you can check out the rest of the collection here.


I’m Awesome Beanie of your chosen color from LumiWAU

Everyone needs a little pick me up every now and then, or just a friendly reminder of how awesome they really are. These beanies have a mega colorful rainbow embroidery on the front that will let everyone know what you are – AWESOME indeed! And not are these beanies just cute and colorful, they are actually also very comfy and keep your head nice and toasty! These fantastic beanies come in four different colours; baby pink, sky blue, heather grey and mustard yellow. The winner can choose their color. See more specs here.

Be Kind to Yourself print form Ip Dip Design

Be Kind to Yourself. Isn’t that like the most important advice you have ever received? Laura has made these kind and empowering words into a little rainbow print that would look great at any gallery wool or studio corner. The original was actually drawn by hand and I really like how you can see the lively colors of the markers on the print! The print is printed on a premium heavy weight paper with a slight pearl finish. She also has a whole bunch of other prints and postcards in the shop, check out the whole rainbow admiring collection here. 

Christmas Jumper Bauble DIY Kit from Pulp Stitchin’

Oh my gosh LOOK HOW CUTE ARE THESE! Kayley just launched these Christmas Bauble Kits this week and I kinda need them all in my life! These kits come with everything you need to cross stitch this pretty bauble with some Christmas jumper aesthetic pattern and they do come in plenty of colours! And don’t worry, the kit includes a very clear introduction to the skill set needed and a point by point instructions so you can finish your Xmas masterpiece with ease! If you are not a DIY person, you can order a personalized Christmas Bauble (made by her) here.

Glittery Love is Love Enamel Pin from Worksbeautifully

HOW AWESOME ARE THESE?! Kirsty has a whole collection of different rainbow enamel pins in her collection and even a all sexuality color code included set of these Love is Love -pins! ALthough she has plenty of awesome designs in her shop, this one is my absolute favorite. Glitter and bright rainbow colours?! Count me in!

These products sure do make a marvelous gift set that will definitely make one lucky unicorn very happy. I’ll have the link and the hands on instructions on how to enter on my IG around 11 am (GMT+2) and the giveaway will go on until mid nite Wednesday.  Everyone in the globe can take part in this.  Check back to my IG within few hours!

Have a fantastic day!