Sugar Skull Lucy – Glitter Skull Brooch

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I just love Halloween. It’s the only Holiday that celebrates fake blood, or at least in my mind. And since this one is so close to my heart, I try to do a little something special each year. Last year it was a tiny ghost vomiting rainbows, this year it is Lucy, a cute sugar skull. I hope you take her to all kinds of horrific Halloween celebrations!

3.5cm wide, 3,5cm tall.

Original art work drawn by hand and finished of with a computer. The sugar skull is plastic and is covered in thick layer of glitter resin. Comes with a 2,5 cm brooch pin on the back. They are glued together with super sticky mega glue, so no need to worry that Lucy is going to come off quite easily.

This is a limited edition item for Halloween 2016. It is only sold through October 2016.

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