Pizza My Heart -Glitter Pizza & Heart Necklace

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You stole a pizza my heart -necklace is the ultimate accessory for the pizza lover.

Very light weight, yet super sparkly and delish. Each necklace has four slices of pepperoni pizza and a sparkly magenta heart on the middle to show your deepest love!

The heart is 4cm x 4cm. The slices are 2,5cm x 3,5cm. The pizza lovin part is approx 15cm wide and the whole necklace (can be adjusted) ~50cm.

Drawn and cut by hand, so each is unique.
Varnished and covered in thick layer of glitter resin to make it extra special.

The chain, lock and rings are silver plated nickel free jewellery grade metal.

ATTN. Please give as two working days to get your necklace ready.

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