Cutie – purse ‘Sky ponies’ edt

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PINK MY LITTLE PONIES? Cute? Good size? High quality? Statement piece? Cute? Yes to all.

What more could you ask in a purse? Oh yes, and all the main materials are ‘green’!

Digitally printed fabric is eco canvas; heavyweight 100% polyester canvas made with 45% recycled content (out of recycled plastic bottles!). The print holds up it’s colors well on multiple washings. All the inks used also eco friendly.

Recycled upholstery cotton is used to make the lining. Polyester padding is used make the purse stay in it’s form. The zipper is heavy duty, so it won’t break easily.

Purse is approx 20cm × 15cm and the strap is ~110cm.

Wallet, phone, keys and lipstick fit in quite well.

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